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Don Geyra Arts takes great pride in offering full-service decorative painting at an affordable price. We are dedicated to inventive and durable finishes that will add value and inspiration to your home or business.

Multiples are no problem either. We have provided faux finishes from 1 to 20,000 pieces. From decorative switch plates to theatrical light parts, if you want something really special, please give us a call.

Don Geyra Artwork, Faux Finishing in Bloomington, IN

Don Geyra Arts is fully insured. Service is performed quickly and professionally using UV-protective water-based materials. Our mode of operation is easy to understand.

Murals require a 33% start-up fee with a second 33% payment when the mural is at 85% completion. At this time, minor changes can still be made with no further expense. The final 33% fee is due upon installation of the mural. For most other projects (wall or ceiling wet-blends), there is no start-up fee, but full payment is due upon project completion.

Sketches for murals that require vigorous design work are billed at $500 per project. This fee is non-refundable and deducted from the final mural price.

Price List for Faux Finishes:

• 3 Color Wet-Blend $7 per Sq. Ft.
• 4-12 Color Wet-Blend $8 per Sq. Ft.
• Stripes (Typical Format) $9 per Sq. Ft.
• Cloud Ceiling $8 per Sq. Ft.
• Venetian Plaster (5-7 Step) $11 per Sq. Ft.
• Marbleizing, Stone, Brick $16.45 per Sq. Ft.
• Venetian Plaster (3 Step) $9 per Sq. Ft.
• Strie (Flogged or Straight) $10 per Sq. Ft.
• Texture w/ Basecoat & 2 Glazes $11 per Sq. Ft.
• Texture w/Basecoat & 3-4 Glazes $15 per Sq. Ft.

* Additional custom orders (ie: wood grain) are available upon request.
* All work above 10 feet is subject to $1.50 per sq. ft. surcharge.
* All prices are subject to change at any time.